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Ballstat HTML Properties

  Use HTML Suite settings for all web reports

Check this box to use HTML Suite settings for all your web reports. If this box is left unchecked then each report will use the original HTML properties that you set for each individual report.

Whenever you run the HTML queue a contents page is automatically created listing a link to every report in the queue. For fast uploading to your web server it is a good idea to store all your HTML reports and the contents page in the same folder on your hard drive.

  Title of contents page
Enter the title you wish to appear at the top of the contents page. This title can also include HTML code such as line breaks ( <BR> ) to place text on more than one line or links 
( <a href="">BallStat</a> ).

  Server directory
Enter the web server directory where the HTML reports will be uploaded to. You must enter the full path. This setting will be used to create the links on the contents page. Note that this setting is optional. If you are going to upload all your reports to the same directory (recommended) on your server then you can leave this field blank.

Example :