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BallStat Functions Properties

With Ballstat functions you can set up to 20 different BallStat functions that can be accessed with the click of a button. You will probably want to select functions that are not readily available from the main menu or toolbar. You can access the selected functions at anytime by clicking the function button on the toolbar.

  Showing/Hiding the function bar

Select File/Hide-Show/Function bar from the main menu.
Click the function bar button on the tool bar.

  Adding functions to the function bar

1. Show the function bar by clicking the function bar button on the tool bar.
2. Click the Setup button.
3. Select the functions you want to place on the function bar by dropping down each box and selecting your function.
4. Click the Ok button when done. Your selections will now be available on the function bar.

Note: The above method can also be done from the properties screen by clicking the Functions tab.

  Using a function on the function bar

Simply click the button that contains the function you want to use. Functions that are used in macros will still be remembered when accessed from the function bar.

Tip: Place functions that are used frequently or difficult to access on the function bar. There are over 100 program functions to choose from.