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BallStat Default Properties

  Default team to load
Click the button to select the team you want to use automatically when accessing certain features in BallStat.

  When loading data always...
You have 3 choice when loading the default data into memory.
1. Always use the current database only.
2. Always merge all databases.
3. Be prompted for which databases to load.

Note that the above two options are not used for most BallStat functions anymore.

  Default start time
Set the usual starting time for your teams games. The setting here will be used as the default each time you enter a new game using BallStat.

  Repeat stat header
Select the number of lines in a report before the stat header is repeated. This option allows you to see the headers even when scrolling down a large report.

  Spacing for text reports
This option allows you to add extra spaces between the stat columns on text reports.

  Create and display division set text reports ....
Checking this option will allow BallStat to create DS text reports whenever a DS report is opened. If this option is unchecked you will have to click the DS button on the toolbar to get the DS version of the report.

  Close BallStat division set report ....
Checking this option will automatically close the BallStat report whenever a DS text report is created.