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BallStat General Properties

Check a box to use a property or uncheck a box if you do not want to use a particular property. All general properties are described below.

  Use sound effects
Check this box to enable sound effects when using BallStat.

  Show Welcome Screen
Checking this box will display the Welcome dialog box each time you start Ballstat.

  Hide team earned runs
Check this box if you plan on tracking Team Earned Runs. This stat is not usually tracked except by the most serious statisticians.

  Prompt for exit
Uncheck this box to exit BallStat without being prompted first.

  Use lower case positions
Check this box to use lower case letters when listing positions played in box score reports.

  Use ROE for OBP
Check this box to include Reached On Error when calculating On Base Percentage. Although MLB rules do not allow this some coaches prefer to include ROE. BallStat does not recommend checking this box at any level of play.

  Prompt when saving edits to disk
Check this box to be prompted before saving data to disk.

  Use Plate Appearances when entering manual games
Check this box to enter PA instead of AB when entering games manually using BallStat. If this box is checked BallStat will calculate AB automatically. If this box is left unchecked then you enter the AB and BallStat will calculate PA.

  Estimate Total Batters Faced
Check this box to have BallStat estimate TBF. If you are tracking AB against each pitcher then uncheck this box as TBF will then be calculated automatically.

  Use standard fielding titles
Check this box to display standard fielding and situation titles ( ex: AB as opposed to AB-PH). You may have to uncheck this box when creating reports that use advanced fielding or situation stats. 

  Use standard fielding stats instead of advanced fielding stats
When entering games with BallStat you can choose which fielding stats you wish to use.

  Disable date checking
This function is no longer used.

  Use default team to enter games
Check this box to always use the default team when entering games. This box should only be checked if you are tracking stats for one team.

  Use flat toolbars
Check this box to display all toolbars as flat icons.

  Prompt for changes made to a report when saving
Check this box to be prompted for saving changes to reports. If this box is unchecked report changes will automatically be saved.

  Bypass green light when importing games from BallScore
When checked, BallStat will only stop at red lights during the importing of scoresheets 

  Show the EasyStart menu every time you start BallStat
Uncheck this box to hide the EasyStart menu when BallStat starts.

When opening leader reports always use the default team (OBSOLETE)
Check this box if you don't want to be asked which team to use when opening leader reports.

Always use the current database when using leader reports (OBSOLETE)
Check this box if you don't want to be asked which database to use when opening leader reports.

  When opening box scores,  always use the default team
Check this box if you don't want to be asked which team to use when opening box score reports.

Always create default web and text paths when creating new reports (OBSOLETE)
Check this box and BallStat will create text and web filenames based on the report name when you create a new report.

  Show only fixed fonts when using BallStat editor
Check this box if you use the editor for box score and other stat reports. This will assure that columns line up.

  Use the BallStat editor for all text reports
If you uncheck this box then BallStat will use the editor you set under the Report Properties Path tab.

  Use RTF format for text reports
Check this box to allow full formatting of text reports with the BallStat editor.

  Use @ symbol for opponents on reports
Check this box for an easy way to show whether a game was at home or away

  Show score on W-L columns on game reports
Use (W 3-2) instead of just (W) if checked

  Disable automatic reboot
If this box is unchecked then you'll have to start BallStat manually after creating or opening a new league.

  Use Kc for third called strikes
Checked = Kc , unchecked = KL

  Use smart cursor for dialog selection box
Checking this will place the cursor to the selection part of the screen after clicking the ok button

  Show Recap requirements
If checked then the requirements needed to create recap reports will be shown each time you choose to create them.

  When importing players match on name only
When checked, jersey numbers are not part of the matching process. This is not used when using Direct Import.

  Show menu icons
When checked, BallStat will display icons on certain menu items for a quicker visual.

  Save lineup with first 8 players only
When checked, only the first eight players will be used when saving lineups. Otherwise all players will be used.

  Use smaller version of run differential
This setting determines how the Run Differential stat is calculated.

  Turn off file I/O notification messages
Check this box only if you know any file I/O messages you are receiving are not affecting the operation of BallStat. This box is normally checked.

  Use high resolution graphics
Check this box only if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista. These 2 systems support better graphics by using alpha blended icons.

  Use actual linescore to determine recap linescore
You may need to check this box if you have games that end early or innings that end before there are 3 outs (ex, 10 run rule, 9 batters maximum per inning, etc).