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Keyboard Short-Cuts

Key Action
A Batter reached first base safely
B Ball
C Add comments to a cell
D Set current defense
E Assign an error to a play
F Foul ball
G Set lineup name and position
H Rotate Stat View window
I Increase RBI count for current cell ( hold shift to decrease )
J Insert pinch hitter
K Show pitch count screen
L Show complete roster/action buttons
M Assign markers to current cell
N Enter game over information
O Batter out at first base
P Insert new pitcher
Q Edit cell information (do not use to score a cell)
R Advance runner options
S Strike
T Toggle batters plate side (R-L)

V Save scorebook
W Insert pinch runner
X Assign/Edit/Copy/Paste defensive positions ( 1 cell at a time )
Y Score by innings display
Z Draw hit location (arrows to move, enter to end)
1 Box score report
2 Composite report
3 Situation report
4 Toggle ratings screen
5 Toggle bottom scoreboard
6 Toggle graphic pasteboard
= Flip scorebook
[  Generic strikeout (no prompts)
] Generic strikeout (with prompts)
ESC Cancel dialog box  
TAB Flip scorebook
DEL Clear hit location 
HOME Return to 1st cell
END Go to last cell
SPACE Quick scoring for common outs 

Ctrl+A Add player to roster
Ctrl+B Balance scorebook check
Ctrl+C Clear batter FB and GB credits
Ctrl+D Redraw all windows
Ctrl+E Edit pitchers list
Ctrl+F Credit batter with ground ball out
Ctrl+G Credit batter with flyball out
Ctrl+H Export home team
Ctrl+I Toggle prompt for intentional base on balls
Ctrl+J Lineup & Roster Manager
Ctrl+L Load lineup
Ctrl+M Display master pitch list
Ctrl+N New setup for game
Ctrl+O Open new scorebook
Ctrl+P Set BallScore Preferences
Ctrl+Q Toggle QuickScore window
Ctrl+R Toggle runner base path description 
Ctrl+S Print scorebook
Ctrl+T Display team functions menu
Ctrl+U Mark cell run as unearned
Ctrl+V Export visiting team
Ctrl+W Save roster
Ctrl+X Clear scorebook
Ctrl+Y Save scorebook with a different filename
Ctrl+Z Load roster
Ctrl+0 Clear out assignment for cell ( affects display only )
Ctrl+1 Assign 1st out to cell ( affects display only )
Ctrl+2 Assign 2nd out to cell ( affects display only )
Ctrl+3 Assign 3rd out to cell ( affects display only )
Ctrl+8 Display Game Timer options
Ctrl+9 Set current cell to next cell to be scored

Shift+B Deduct one ball from cell
Shift+C Clear pitcher FB and GB credits
Shift+D Set default folders
Shift+F Credit pitcher with ground ball out
Shift+G Credit pitcher with flyball out
Shift+I  Deduct one RBI from cell
Shift+K Toggle between K and KL
Shift+L  On the fly Lineup Entry
Shift+M Modify/Replace player in lineup
Shift+P On the fly Starting Pitcher Select
Shift+Q Set scorebook colors
Shift+S Deduct one strike from cell
Shift+W Toggle between BB and IBB
Shift+1 Open box score and scroll to end

Batter safe at first
A Batter safe at first
A0 Single, batter out trying to stretch into a double
A1 Single
A2 Double
A3 Triple
A4 Home run
A5 Single + 2nd on error
A6 Single + 3rd on error
A7 Single + Scores on error
A8 Reached 2nd on error (2 base error)
A9 Reached 3rd on error (3 base error)
AA Catchers interference
AB Bunt single
AC Batter safe on a dropped Sac Fly
AD Defensive interference
AF Fielders choice
AG Ground rule double
AH Hit By Pitch
AI Offensive interference
AN Infield single
AO Obstruction
AP Inside the park home run
AR Reached on error
AS Sacrifice hit
AT Double, batter out trying to stretch into a triple
AX Pre-defined Fielders Choice 
AW Generic walk
AY Sac Fly - Safe on dropped ball

Batter out at first
O Batter out at first
OB Batted ball out
OH Sacrifice hit
OI Infield fly rule
OJ Line Drive doubleplays
OK FlyOut/Tag Out doubleplays
OL Illegal actions
OO Offensive interference
OP Spectator interference
OS Sacrifice fly
A0 Ground Ball doubleplays
O[ Generic strikeout (no prompts)
O] Generic strikeout (with prompts)

Advance/Putout runners
R Advance/Putout runners
RM Manual advance (including catcher pick-offs)
R2 Steals second
R3 Steals third
R4 Steals home
R5 Caught stealing second
R6 Caught stealing third
R7 Caught stealing home
RP Passed ball
RB Balk/Illegal Pitch
RF Fielders choice
RO Obstruction
RW Wild pitch
RE Advanced on Error
RD Defensive interference
RK Picked-off base by pitcher
RQ Runner left first base early
RR Runner left second base early
RS Runner left third base early

M Markers/Insertions/Assignments
MI Insert new batter in lineup
MN Insert new pitcher into game
MR Insert pinch runner
MP Insert pinch hitter
MS Set defensive alignment
ME Assign error
MU Assign run as unearned (toggle)
M1 Assign caught stealing to safe runner at second
M2 Assign caught stealing to safe runner at third
M3 Assign caught stealing to safe runner at home

Function Keys
F1 13 Ground out to pitcher 
F2 X2 Foul out to catcher
F3 u3 Unassisted ground out to first
F4 43 Ground out to second
F5 53 Ground out to third
F6 63 Ground out to short
F7 F7 Fly out to left
F8 F8 Fly out to center
F9 F9 Fly out to right
F10 Go to menu bar
F11 Sacrifice hit
F12 Set defense

Space bar keys
(Spacebar to activate)
B Fly out/Tag out doubleplays
D Ground ball doubleplays
F Flyouts
G Groundouts
L Line drive outs
P Popouts
S Sac Fly
X Foul outs
Z Line drive doubleplays