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Common scoring mistakes with BallScore

  Cursor not on current batter when scoring an event

By far the most common mistake when using BallScore is not having the cursor on the current batter when scoring an event. Most of the time BallScore will move the cursor automatically without the user having to do anything. In some cases such as marking a cell unearned or crediting a missed RBI the cursor will have to be moved to the cell you want to change. Always be sure to move the cursor back to the current batter after making changes!

Example: Batter #1 singles and the cursor advances to Batter #2. Batter #1 steals second. DO NOT move the cursor to Batter#1 to record the steal, it should remain on Batter #2. Just like Lou and Bud, BallScore always knows who is on what base. 

Be sure to turn on the Cell Alarm feature on the BallScore Properties screen under the Cell/Fonts tab!

  Not inserting a New Batter maker where one is needed

If stats are being credited to a wrong player then more than likely the cause is a New Batter Marker (NBM). A NBM is a red line that appears on the left side of a cell. NBM's are used to credit stats to multiple players in the same batting order position. The first player will get all stats up until the first NBM is encountered. The player in the second slot will get all stats up until the 2nd NBM is encountered and so on. NBM are usually inserted for you but not always. Make sure you check that NBM's are inserted where they should be.  

Example: Even if the player in slot 2 never bats a NBM must be inserted if there is a player in slot 3 who does bat. NBM's may be inserted in empty cells for this reason. To toggle a NBM on and off select Edit/Toggle New Batter Marker from the main menu.

  Defense or pitching not correct on certain cells

If fielding stats or some pitching stats are being credited to the wrong player then more than likely the cause is not checking the Fill to end of scoresheet box when making defensive replacements. If this box is not checked then any changes will only affect the cell the cursor is on. Normally this box will be checked for you but not always. Not checking this box can also affect some pitching stats. 

  Scoring on the fly and never setting the defense

When scoring on the fly you must set the defense before the first batter comes to bat for the second time or before the first sub is inserted in the game. Failure to do so may skew the pitching stats for some cells. If your pitchers seem to be out of order or one pitcher gets all the stats then this is the cause. It is recommended that you create lineups before the game begins whenever possible. 

After inserting a player in the lineup when scoring on the fly you can set his defense by pressing CTRL+T then A then A then ENTER.