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BallStat and BallScore are two separate programs with two different purposes.

BallStat is used to accumulate stats and create reports. All you need to get started with BallStat is to create your league. Teams and players will be added when you export your scoresheets from BallScore. You will need to score your games with BallScore then export your scoresheets into BallStat ( see BallScore below ). Once the first scoresheet is imported you will be able to create an unlimited number of reports using the Custom Report Maker in BallStat. 

If you are not using BallScore you can enter games manually with BallStat. To setup your league follow this order:

1) Create a league (File/Create new league)
2) Add your teams (Add/Team
3) Add your players (Add/Player
4) Add your games (Database/Games/Enter player game stats)

BallScore is used to score your game. You can score your game live using a laptop computer or copy your paper scorebook into BallScore at home. The whole game as it is scored ( both teams ) is known as a scorebook. You can save a whole scorebook in the form of a sbk file to disk at anytime. This would allow you to reload the scorebook to finish scoring a game or to simply review a previously scored game. Each teams portion of the scorebook is known as a scoresheet. When a game is over you export each scoresheet ( or just your scoresheet if you don't want to track the other team ) into the BallStat database using the Direct Export method. For maximum stat generation it is recommended that you export both scoresheets.