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Setting Dates

Setting dates with BallStat/BallScore is now easier than ever. A date consists of the day, month and year. The day of the week will be changed automatically as you change any of the other three items. 

  How to set the  date with your mouse:

1) Click on the down arrow in the date control and a calendar will appear.
2) If the correct month and year are already displayed simply click on the correct day.
3) To go to the previous month click the left arrow button or use the up arrow on the keyboard.
4) To go to the next month click on the right arrow button or use the down arrow on the keyboard.
5) Use the up, down, right and left arrows on the keyboard to change the day of the month.
6) To select the month click on the month and select from the list that appears.
7) To select the year click on the year and enter the correct year or use the up and down arrows.

  How to set the date with the keyboard:

1) Use the right and left arrow keys to rotate between the day, month and year.
2) Use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the values of the highlighted item.
3) When an item is highlighted you can also simply enter its value using the keyboard.

You can select any date from the year 1752 to the year 9999.