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Player Re-Entry

A player who was removed from a game can be re-entered just like any other new player. 

Note: To re-enter a player you must use the New Batter icon on the toolbar, select Lineup/Insert new batter from the main menu or press G. You cannot use the RLM to re-enter a player as it will remove him from his previous slot. 

1) If the player plays on defense be sure to use D to place him defensively.
2) A player can be entered into the lineup multiple times as long as proper new batter markers are used just like inserting any other new player.
3) Do not leave blank slots between players.

For example, you have 2 players who you are alternating in the lineup - Jones and Smith. Jones is the starter so Smith would be entered into the lineup as either a pinch hitter, pinch runner or new batter. If Jones later replaces Smith he would be entered the same way but should not be a pinch hitter since he already played in the game once.

In the 4th batting order position we have:


You can ignore any duplicate error entries in this case.

The above would be legal since there are no blank slots between players. When BallScore parses the scorebook it will combine all of Jones stats and all of Smiths stats. They will also appear only once in the boxscore. Just remember to check all new batter markers so BallScore can assign stats correctly. As always, be sure to use the D key to place them defensively each time they re-enter the game.