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Inserting a Pinch Runner

A pinch runner should always be inserted by pressing the W key. You do not need to use the RLM when inserting a pinch runner.

Pinch runners are handled a little differently based on whether or not they will stay in the game. Either way you must select the player the pinch runner is running for on the pinch runner screen. Note that you do not have to move the cursor to do this, leave it on the current batter. 

  Stays in game

If a pinch runner will stay in the game and replace the player they ran for then the pinch runner should be placed in the next available slot. A new batter marker will have to be placed in an available cell if the pinch runner eventually comes to bat. 

  Does not stay in game or is a courtesy runner

If a pinch runner does not stay in the game or is a courtesy runner then the pinch runner should be placed in slot 8. A courtesy runner can be placed in the same slot any number of times. For example, if John runs for Pete 3 different times in a game, John can be inserted into slot 8 all 3 times. A player should only appear in a lineup one time but BallScore keeps track of pinch runners on a cell by cell basis so the stats will come out right.