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Inserting a New Batter

A New Batter is a non-starting player who is coming to bat for the first time but has already played defensively. Note that this is different from a pinch hitter whose first appearance in a game was as a batter. 

A new batter can be inserted in one of 2 ways. 

1) Place the batter with the RLM. Select the batter to insert, the slot to insert him in then double-click the position he has already played defensively. This will place the required new batter marker in the appropriate cell on the scoresheet.

2) If you don't want to use the RLM then press the G key. Select the slot you wish to place him in then press Enter. It is recommended that you use the default slot that is selected when the screen first appears. This will place him in the lineup and mark the cell with a new batter marker. You don't need the RLM with this method.

Note that the new batter should have already been placed defensively with the D key.