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Inserting a Pinch Hitter

Always insert a pinch hitter with the J key. You do not need to use the RLM when inserting a pinch hitter.

With the cursor on the cell where you want to insert a pinch hitter press J. Select the player you want to insert as the pinch hitter from the list and the slot where you want to insert him. Note that empty slots between players are not allowed so you should use the default slot whenever possible. After pressing Enter the new player will be inserted into the lineup and marked as a pinch hitter. BallScore keeps separate stats for pinch hitting only if you use the J key or its associated icon on the toolbar.

  Key points about pinch hitters

A player should only be inserted as a pinch hitter in his first at bat and only if he did not yet play defense. If a player has already played in the field before he comes to bat for the first time he should be inserted as a new batter (G key).

If the pinch hitter stays in the game then you need to place him defensively with the D key. Only his first at bat will be marked as pinch hitting and you don't need to insert him into the game again.