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Setting The Defense

  Initial Defense

BallScore handles setting a defense 2 ways. The initial defense is set by the starting lineup you create with the Roster & Lineup Manager (RLM). All 640 cells (32 innings x 20 batting spots) will be filled with the defense specified by the RLM. When leaving the RLM the first time you will be asked to set the defense. Once set, the RLM has nothing to do with setting the defense for the rest of the game. Positions selected in the RLM for subs once a game starts will not affect the defensive lineup in the field. For the remainder of the game use the D key. This will ensure that all fielding stats will be correct.

  Setting the defense once a game starts

Once the starting lineup has been set and a game has started, the defense in the field will always be managed with the D key. To make defensive changes press D then select the new player at the position he will play in the field, then press ENTER. Make sure the Fill to end of scoresheet box is checked (this is the default). You can make defensive changes at anytime during a game with this key. Every cell from the current cursor location to the end of the scoresheet will be filled with the new defense. 

BallScore will use each cell to calculate defensive fielding stats. To edit a single cell that has already been scored you also use the D key. Uncheck the Fill to end of scoresheet box so only the current cell will be changed.