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Importing Rosters from a Text File in BallScore in BallScore

BallScore supports importing rosters from a comma delimited text file. You can import up to 5 different fields which can be in any order:

First Name
Last Name

Additionally, the very first line of the text file can contain just the name of the team. A sample text file is shown below. Each field must be separated with a comma.

Lancaster Lightning

For bats and throws you can use upper or lowercase. For switch hitters you can use B,S,b,s.

You can access the import feature from the Create Roster screen which is located on the startup screen or from within the RLM. Click the Select file and get first text line button to select the file you wish to import. The first line from the text file will be shown on screen. If this line shows a team name then check the First line of file contains a team name box then select the file again.

Click each field box and select the field that matches the order the data is shown in the First stat text line box.

When finished click the Import button. Save your roster from the Create Roster screen.