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HTML Queue

The HTML Queue is a fast and easy way to create a web site for all your statistical reports. The web site you create will contain a contents page with links to every report in the queue. You can add up to 200 different reports to the queue. You can control how the web site will look with the Suite Options and Suite Creation Options. 

Use BallStat Properties/HTML tab to turn on the Suite options and set the contents page title. For a better overall appearance it is recommended that you use the Suite options.

To have BallStat upload your pages to your server as soon as they are created use BallStat Properties/FTP tab. Your server must support FTP in order to use the FTP uploading functions. BallStat does not supply a server, you must aquire your own server to upload.

The contents page will be created line by line starting with the first entry in the queue. The report title will appear as the first line of the contents page.

  Adding reports to the HTML Queue

After you create your BallStat reports you can add them to the queue. 

To Add a report to the queue:

1. Click any of the 3 Add ... report buttons and select the report you wish to add. Click Ok.
2. The report will appear in the queue list. Use the Up and Down buttons to move the report anywhere in the list. 

To remove a report simply highlight the report then click the Remove report from queue button. you can also clear the entire queue by clicking the Clear queue button. Leader reports are added the same way only you use the leader window and the associated buttons. Note the report list shows the report titles but the leader list shows the actual filename the leader report was saved to.

  Adding text to the queue

Besides adding reports to the queue you may also enter text. Each text line on the contents page can include up to 255 characters of text. The text may in itself include any HTML code you wish. A text line can be useful for adding descriptions of the different types of reports to the contents page. 

To add text to the queue:

1. Click the Add text button.
2. Enter the text you wish to add then click Ok.
3. Use the Up and Down buttons to move the text entry anywhere in the queue list.

To edit existing text, highlight the entry in the list then click the Edit text button. Text entries will appear with +++ before the entry in the list.

  Running the queue

Once all your reports and text are added to the queue you can create the web site by click the Run queue button. A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen along with an information dialog that lets you know what the queue is currently processing. If you set BallStat to automatically publish your reports as soon as they are created the dialog will also notify you which report is being published. The contents page is created while the queue is running and will also be published if you selected the publishing option. 

After the queue is done you can view the contents page offline by clicking the View contents button on the toolbar. If all your pages were uploaded to your server then all you need to do is provide a link to your contents page to make all your reports available.