Doing the Rebuild

You're now ready to rebuild your league. 

Select File/Export scorebook folder (batch mode) from the main BallScore menu. Click Yes to begin the rebuild.

The first time each team is exported the team and roster will be rebuilt in BallStat. You will be asked for team information such as a team abbreviation and the team's home field. You must also select a division if you are using divisions in your league. If not, then leave the division field blank.

When all scorebooks have been exported you are done with the rebuild.

There is only one thing you have to do before exiting BallScore. Select File/BallScore properties from the main BallScore menu. Click the AutoDetect/Export tab. Under the Batch Export Options section Uncheck the box that reads Export all scorebooks in export folder. Click Ok to save your settings and exit the properties screen.

Exit BallScore and start BallStat. 

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