Checking Scorebooks for Errors

To make sure your scorebooks are clean you should check them for errors before rebuilding your league. BallScore has a function that will check all scorebooks in the league Scorebook folder at once.
To check your scorebooks start BallScore.

On the BallScore startup screen make sure the Export League is the league you want to rebuild. If the league showing is not the correct league then click the button and select the correct league. League files always have the .lge file extension. If the correct league is showing then cancel the startup screen.

To check your scorebooks for errors select File/Scorebook functions/Create error report log without exporting from the main BallScore menu.

Click Yes to create the error log. BallScore will load each scorebook, one at a time, and check them for errors. When finished you will be asked if you want to view the log. Click Yes.

Each scorebook checked will be listed in the log report. Clean scorebooks will be marked ok. If there are errors listed in the log then note the error and load the marked scorebook into BallScore (File/Open scorebook file). Correct the listed error then save the scorebook. After you load the scorebook the warning icon may be displayed on the right side of the scorebook. If no warning is displayed then click the export buttons on the toolbar (red and blue EX) to see if a warning is displayed while trying to export. DO NOT export any scorebooks at this time. You just want to see if the error warning is displayed. For help on correcting errors see the main BallStat/BallScore help file. 

Note: If a player in the starting lineup was removed from the game before he batted for the first time you may receive a NBM in first inning warning. In this case you can safely ignore this error.

After all scorebooks are clean you are ready to rebuild your league. Exporting scorebooks with known errors can corrupt the BallStat database.

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