Restoring your empty backup

When you created your new league BallStat created an empty backup in case you ever needed to start fresh. This backup will restore your league to the state it was in before you exported any scoresheets from BallScore. This means there are no teams or players in the league. Teams and players will be added when you actually rebuild the league with BallScore.

To restore your empty backup select Database/Restore current league from the main BallStat menu. Click the Restore button. Select the empty backup for your current league. The file you want will be in the format shown below. For example, if your league name is My Baseball League then the backup you want will be in this format:

The word empty will always appear in the backup filename you want to use.

Select the filename then click Open. Your league will be restored to it's original state (no teams or players). 

Click Yes to restart BallStat. This will reset all league variables and you will be done with BallStat. After BallStat restarts then exit BallStat.

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